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Name of course: Tube Ads Academy 2019 | Size: 5.30 GB

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Tube Ads Academy 2019 by Jon Penberthy

Welcome to Tube Ads Academy 2019

I’m Finally Breaking the Silence On…

How I’ve Been Using Simple YouTube Ads to Get My Business in Front of Millions of People and Generate Highly Targeted Leads For as Low as $0.15 Each.

Jon Penberthy

In case you don’t know Jon Penberthy, he’s a multi-million marketing leader, young, enthusiastic, super-friendly and I find him more naturally trustworthy than any other marketing gurus that I’ve ever seen. Maybe I feel that way because I’m British and so is he, I don’t know. Or he’s just so good. Watch his video and see what you think.

Tube Ads Academy is a brand new product by Jon Penberthy and there’s been lots of buzz around it as many internet marketers have been recommending it to their email lists

What You’ll Learn On This Free Web-Class…

  • 1 – Part #1:Why most people are neglecting the YouTube platform and how you can capitalise on this oversight and dominate this $4Billion platform.
  • 2 – Part #2: How to use YouTube’s advanced targeting to zero in on your PERFECT customers and ONLY show your ads to the people most likely to buy your stuff!
  • 3 – Part #3:How just 1 simple video ad can have you cleaning up your industry and siphoning all the best customers to YOUR digital front door.
  • 4 – Secret # 4: How to go from a ‘tiny’ test budget to ad campaigns that can spent as much $5k a day and remain profitable.

There are 6 reasons why you should be taking advantage of YouTube marketing, because;

  1. People watch YouTube to get educated.
  2. The average video length is now only around 10 minutes.
  3. YouTube has over 1.8 billion active users, over 1 billion people use it every day. Then your ideal customers are there.
  4. There is 3 times less competition comparing to Facebook ad campaigns.
  5. The traffic is cheaper.
  6. You don’t need to have a big profiled YouTube channel as far as advertisements are concerned.