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Name of course: Tube Your Own Horn | Size: 8.90 GB

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Tube Your Own Horn by Dan Lok

To anyone who wants success on YouTube, but secretly believes you need charisma, good-looks or luck to make it. Discover why almost everyone is dead-wrong when it comes to success on YouTube! This is the bizarre story of…

“How Me, An Asian Guy With A Heavy Accent, Accidentally Went From Being A Nobody To Now A Household Name And Respected Social Media Influencer Who Touches The Lives Of Millions

…When All I Wanted To Do Was Pocket Some YouTube-Money For My Business” – Dan Lok

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Take Action NOW:

Week 1: Master Your Mind

Discover how to think like a High-Income Tuber ™ and run a successful YouTube channel starting on Day 1! In this week’s class, right away, you’ll discover the real reasons why 99% of YouTubers stay broke – and what YOU can do instead to be the shocking success-story everyone talks about.

Week 2: Magnify Your Personal Brand

This week is all about narrowing down your niche and building a wildly profitable personal brand. Instead of having you figure things out on your own, you’ll get proven methods to quickly spot your perfect niche.

Week 3: Maximize Your Impact

It’s one thing to get a few people to watch your videos. It’s a whole other thing to get fans who love you! Now you might think it’s all about being relatable on camera. Yes there’s that, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get fans who truly and deeply love

Week 4: Magnetize Your Subscribers

The fastest way to build a profitable YouTube channel is to create a personal brand around what you do. But that’s easier said than done. That’s why in this week’s class, you’ll receive the best-kept personal branding secrets. These are personal branding secrets that will change your life – and you’ll probably catch yourself using these secrets in your day to day life too!

Week 5: Measure Your Growth

What you’ll discover in this class is how to be strategic and get consistent results from your YouTube channel – without ever needing a viral video – ever.

Week 6: Monetize Your Influence

By this point, you’ll know exactly how to be a tribe of die-hard, loyal fans. So to wrap up the program, Dan Lok will walk you through how to generate multiple streams of YouTube income. This way you can live your life exactly the way you want.

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