Write Copy Like a 6-Figure a Year Copywriter In 2019

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Name of course: Write Copy Like a 6-Figure a Year Copywriter In 2019 | Size: 3.17 GB

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  • Learn about the target audience or in other words the “WHO” you’re writing for
  • Learn a simple 7 step-by-step process for writing crazy effective Headlines
  • Learn 3 methods you can use to effortlessly write the 1st draft of your copy & avoid the blank white screen of death


  • Fluent English writing & speaking abilities
  • Access to a computer with high-speed internet


“Eric interjects these Mini Missions to make sure you get it, it gets hammered home, you gain Confidence that you can write effective copy.” – Susan Gast

Attempting to Learn Copywriting Through Reading Blog Posts On Several Websites is Frustrating

There is too much information out there. It’s incredibly hard finding out where to start and what to prioritize. It can make you think that Copywriting is complicated. Especially if you don’t have any formal training in marketing or Copywriting.

You may already own lots of courses and books on Copywriting. But honestly after a while, even though the information is important to you.. reading can bore the hell out of you. Reading definitely bores me.

You Can’t Focus When You’re Bored, No Matter How Hard You Try And Force Yourself

You may be feeling lots of confusion about writing copy & drawing in more sales. This is a problem for many reasons…

  • If you are just starting out as a full-time freelance writer you are likely nervous about your skills.
  • If you are self-employed and building a business, not having the proper knowledge of Copywriting makes it hard to meet new customers.

I – If You’re a Full-Time Freelance Writer…

Being nervous about your skills as a full-time freelance writer causes you to put the brakes on. You’ll subconsciously avoid new projects or sabotage current ones out of the fear that you’re not good enough yet.

This lack of confidence prevents you from becoming a successful full-time freelance writer and receiving all of the financial freedom that comes with that.

II – If You’re Self-Employed And Building a Business…

Not having the right language to communicate how incredible your product is will make the difference between huge success and going out of business.

Being able to sell using your words is the most important skill any business owner can have. I became obsessed with Copywriting for this very reason! For small business owners, Copywriting is your superpower.

III – If You Have No Idea Where To Start With Copywriting Read This

  • You need something that’s easy to understand, and not too overwhelming. Something that will inspire you to be more confident in your writing and not be too scared to put pen to paper…
  • You need a truly empowering course that helps you understand all the elements and fundamentals of Copywriting.
  • You need a course that will give you new knowledge so you’re geared up to write for anything such as Facebook posts, emails, and sales copy.

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