Paradigm Shift – Bob Proctor 2020

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Bob Proctor one of the The secret teachers and the law of attraction teaches you Paradigm Shift.

This course is available now. you can also watch online with our technology. 

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In the words of Bob Proctor,

“It all starts with a paradigm shift and paradigms are the hinge that better life swings on”.

Paradigm Shift is a personal development seminar focused on revealing life-changing tips to change the course of your life through mental programming. You will discover how to transform your finances, health and lifestyle by making a paradigm shift.

What’s included,

⦁ Two and a half day Live Teaching Seminar with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher
⦁ Question and answer feature through live chat
⦁ Downloadable materials – Digital copy of Paradigm Shift Workbook, Goal Card, Gratitude Pad, and much more.

After completion, you will be able to identify your paradigms and change them for a better, more productive and successful life.