Money EQ – Ken Honda – Mindvalley
$597.00 $19.99

Money EQ – Ken Honda – Mindvalley

$597.00 $19.99


Money EQ – Ken Honda – Mindvalley the complete course for download

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This online course is offered by Ken Honda, who happens to be an amiable and energetic person. Each day of the online class, Ken talks about different topics concerning money. And trust me, he has a lot of helpful insights that could take you from your 9 to 5 job and straight to making a million or more.
In the program, you will also learn with Scott Mills. He has several tools that you could use when you are trying to deal with negative emotions and thoughts. What’s more, Scott will train you on how to deal with anxiety and fear. Scott will take you through ten brain retaining sessions that will boost your mental state and also help you on how to deal with stressful times. This course is worth every penny.



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