Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing

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Advanced eCommerce Email Marketing
Learn how to use advanced email marketing techniques to grow your ecommerce business.

Email has the potential to be a huge revenue channel, and should account for 30-40% of your overall sales.

In this training, you will learn how to increase sales by using automated and manual emails to convert new customers, create repeat customers, run lucrative sales, and more.

Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing


What We’re Going to Cover?
My best email sequences and how to replace them
Holiday Sales Campaign Results
Facebook Messenger Bonus
An Opportunity to Train With Me
Content Email Ideas
Curent Event Analysis
Tips/Tricks/Market Related Blog VIdeos/Posts
Funny Memes
Curated Content They Might Like
Your Take On Some Else’s Post
Offer Email Ideas
Product Announcement
Sales (deadlines create urgency)
Product Cross-Sell
Open The Box/Customer Case Study
Pre-Order Campaigns
Pre-Purchase Best Practice
At Least 7 Days Of Emails
End With Strongest Offer
Leverage Discount Ladder
Unsubscribe If They Buy
Add Bucket List If No Purcchase
5 Week Training
5 Week done “udemy” style in several short videos
Clear bechmarks (before and afters) at the end of each video to easily focus you, and aim your success and action