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Download  Brand Accelerator By Dim Niko

The Complete Marketing Process Used To Scale Brands To Multiple 8 Figures,
Taught Direct From Those Who Do It Every Day.

Our team has managed well over $10,000,000+ in ads across virtually every platform and vertical. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to scale brands fast.

We’ve taken all our knowledge and put it into one kickass training program. Brand Accelerator is your complete guide to master Facebook Ads, built by the media buyers who are behind the biggest brands you’ve never heard of.

Are You Ready to Master Your Brand?
⊗ Are your results as turbulent as an airplane causing your brand to feel volatile and unstable?
✔ You’ll learn how to manage account volatility, finally becoming confident in the ads you’re running, and your anxiety about breaking even this month will be no more. You’ll have all tools needed to identify issues that are preventing you from building a stable ad account.
⊗ You tried and tested out your product, ad creatives, and landing page, so you think your brand is ready to scale. You increase your ad spend, but just like that you see your CPC sky rocket and your ROI plummet.
✔ You’ll understand when it really is time to scale, vs needing to continue building upon and reinforcing the foundations for some serious growth. And when the time does come to grow, you’ll be using the best scaling strategies known to media buying.
⊗ You set up a new campaign thinking you’ve really nailed this one, but within 2-5 days your results are poor and you are left making new campaigns again, leaving you with no time to work on your business’ bigger issues.
✔ You’ll be able to build stable campaigns that are producing returns day in, day out, freeing up your time to focus on your company’s growth.

Here’s The Entire Accelerator Syllabus.
We Don’t Want There to Be Any Surprises On What You’ll Learn.
So We’re Laying It All Out On the Table.

The Basics

  1. Ad account setup, BM set up
  2. ​Page Setup
  3. ​Pixel Setup & Installation
  4. ​Catalog Setup
  5. ​Audience Setup
  6. ​Custom Conversions

Campaign Structure & Setup

  1. Ad Types
  2. ​Campaign structure – TOF
  3. ​Campaign structure – MOF
  4. ​Campaign structure – BOF
  5. ​Campaign structure – PP
  6. ​Dynamic Creatives vs Static/Post ID’s
  7. ​Testing

Beyond the Setup

  1. ​After clicking publish
  2. ​Campaign optimisation
  3. ​Troubleshooting Campaigns

The Foundations

  1. Why run Facebook ads?
  2. ​Understanding your key metrics
  3. ​[Infinite Marketing Matrix] Profitability vs break even, and strategy
  4. ​TOF, MOF, BOF, PP

Factors for Success

  1. ​Your Offer
  2. ​Your funnel
  3. ​Landing pages
  4. ​Ad creatives
  5. ​Ad copy

Advanced Facebook Advertising

  1. Manual bidding
  2. ​Scaling
  3. ​Setting rules
  4. ​UTMs
  5. ​50k/Day Scaling System

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+8 Coaches
6 Modules
+12 hours

How Can We Help You Grow and Succeed?
After generating incredible results for our clients in over 50 different industries, we’ve learned a thing or two about growing brands. Things like:
 Increasing revenue of a company selling a niche automotive product from $91k/month to $1,000,000/month
 Skyrocketing a global supplement company from €40k/month to €120k/month in recurring revenue in just 30 days
 Scaling a hair extensions company from $17k/month to $62k/month in only 30 days
 Generating $78,465.24 in a ONE DAY PROMOTION for an online fitness company
 Plus tonnes more
We’ve fleshed out our best strategies and noted our top processes we use everyday at DimNiko Agency.

Brand Accelerator covers our agency’s exact systems and processes we’ve used to scale brands to 7 and 8 figures, over and over again.

Think of this accelerator as your recipe to success outlining in great detail everything you need to do to see the same results.

Meet Your Coaches
Brand Accelerator is taught by our in-house media buyers who make the magic happen here at DimNiko.
(Plus a few more major players from our agency)

Ago, Media Buyer, directly manages client accounts at DimNiko. She scales, optimizes, and build campaigns on a daily basis.

As Head of Partnership, Dan is the first touch point with all our clients. He’s a creative genius and has an eye for what’s going wrong in client’s ad accounts.

As you know, Dim is the main man at DimNiko agency. It says right there in the name. He’s the mind behind the agency’s systems and processes.

Este is DimNiko’s project manager who takes care of the business administration and internal projects.

As a senior media buyer, Matej knows the ins and out of Facebook Ads. He’s spinning up campaigns every day of the week.

Maryana is a media buyer here at DimNiko. Personally managing client accounts, building campaigns, and scaling her accounts.

Monika is one of DimNiko’s lead media buyer, but on top of that she keeps an eye on all business operations and majorly helps with the strategy.

Patri, lead media buyer, knows her way an ad account. She oversees client’s accounts helping strategise and scale our client’s brands.

Who’s Brand Accelerator For?
We’re glad you asked..

It’s made for marketers, brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs alike, who are ready to take their business to the 7, 8, or even 9-figures.

Whether you have years of marketing experience, or are just getting started with Facebook ads, you’ll have plenty to learn from our world-class coaches. We’re setting you up for success by covering the basics all the way to advanced media buying strategies. You’ll be able to run circles around your competitors with a constant stream of customers coming through your door.

Brand Accelerator was designed specifically by our in-house team who absolutely kill it every, single day with Facebook Ads and Ecommerce. But, these strategies and methods can be used beyond just that. And, since our team uses these exact strategies and methods daily, we keep them up to date with the ever changing Facebook algorithm.

Walking away from this you’ll have your ROI sky rocket, CPC drop, and have more customers coming through your door then a toy store during Christmas.
Are you ready to become a Facebook Marketing legend?

Get Access to Our Media Buyer Training Handbook
When you join the Brand Accelerator, we’ll be training you as if you’re one of our media buyers.
No bullshit. This stuff works – just ask our clients ?
Beginner Friendly
Even if you have 0 Facebook Ads experience, we’ll have you spinning ads, crushing it like the best in the biz.
Cutting Edge Strategies
Our team has taken their best kept media buying secrets. And we’re laying them all out for you, holding nothing back.
Top-Notch Community
We’re going beyond, and giving you access to our inner circle of advanced marketers to help guide you to success.
Don’t sit on this course. Our in-house media buying team have used these exact strategies and processes to scale hundreds of clients. This is our exact media buying handbook.

A New Age Direct Response Agency
We are a direct response agency that helps ecommerce brands crush their competition into a fine powder.

Most business owners have no idea: Once you build a scaleable model that earns $5 from every $1 spent, there is nothing stopping you from building the business of your dreams…

And then scaling it to unimaginable heights.

We create and scale that model for you.


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