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Once you’ve found a product that works, we’re going to scale your new business to $3000 – $4000 per month using free traffic from automating your Instagram account, free traffic from YouTube and 12 other methods I use every day.

After that, I’ll walk you through the process of white-labelling your products, build a real brand you can be proud of and scale it to the moon with the most advanced Facebook ad training on the internet, period.

Access Over 60 Hours Of 4K Video Training
Building Your First Funnels
This is one of the main things that sets this program apart from the rest. Stop playing this game on hard mode building storefronts and crossing your fingers. Copy my exact sales funnels to 3x your average cart value and 10x your conversion rates.

Getting Your First Sales
I made my first $1.2 million online without spending $1 on paid ads and I’ll show you exactly how I did it. From using live streams in Facebook groups to drive easy on-demand sales to Instagram expert Yogev Zenesh teaching you the advanced Instagram strategies large agencies use to turn your Instagram profile into a profit machine.

Build 8x Email Funnels
One of my mentors always says “People who master email marketing don’t just get rich, but they stay rich.” and he couldn’t be more correct. I’m going to teach you how to build automated email funnels that can double if not triple your sales within days.

Chatbot Marketing
This is the first eCommerce training program to dive deep into using chatbots and Facebook Messenger to drive sales. Learn how to leverage Messenger’s 88% open rates and one-click opt-ins to build massive lists of loyal repeat customers you can text at any time.

Unlocking Facebook Ads
This is the most advanced Facebook ad training available on the internet. Period. That’s my promise to you. From leveraging Facebook’s lexical sentiment bias, why you’re Facebook Pixel destroying your targeting and why your business account setup may have you blacklisted without even knowing it.

No more “Test $5 a day ads and cross your fingers” BS that you’ve been fed by other “gurus”

I’m also going to give you my blueprint on how to infinitely? scale your campaigns without including? ad costs or hurting your reach? So without any intention of being over-dramatic, I want you guys to use this information wisely and responsibly.

Unlocking Google Ads
Learn how to set up your Google Merchant Center account and sync your Shopify products to run Google Shopping Ads and set up super-effective retargeting campaigns with display ads. I’ll show you how to set this up step-by-step.

Video Marketing Mastery
Learn how to create high-quality product videos to use on your sales pages, how to rank any YouTube video using the same method I used to grow mien from 0 to 50,000 subscribers in less than a year plus learn how to create and run YouTube retargeting ads through Google.

Turn Your Drop-Shipping Into A Real Business
The Accelerator is the only program with comprehensive training on white labeling your own products. From how to find and contact manufacturers, how to leverage fulfillment centers, how to get custom packaging and more. Build a real brand you can be proud of and turn it into an empire.

Over 25 Hours Of Bonus Content
From the replays of every live class and webinar I’ve hosted inside the program, other paid advertising methods like Pinterest Ads, Instagram ads and others, how to avoid paying chargebacks, eCom business blueprints, my importable funnels, my 20 chapter focus workbook and more.

Deepwork Labs – eCommerce Accelerator
Deepwork Labs – eCommerce Accelerator

Deepwork Labs – eCommerce Accelerator
New Accelerator 2.0 Bonuses
($1,997+ IN BONUSES)
To celebrate the launch of the Accelerator 2.0, everyone who signs up from this page will receive the following bonuses including a $150 YouTube/Google Ads credit, all of my pre-built funnels and email campaigns, plus a free copy of the Transcendence Focus Workbook.

Bonus #1
Copy & Paste Sales Funnels For Shopify
I’m giving away my most successful e-commerce sales funnels to use to triple the sales of your Shopify products. Including the signal product funnel, the upsell funnel and what I like to call the builder funnel. You can import these all with one click and add your own products.

Bonus #2
Steal my proven 5x Shopify Email Funnels
I’m going to be giving you my collection of sales-generating email templates I’ve been writing for years and let you import my exact email funnels into your own marketing tools with a single click. These include marketing emails, follow-ups, abandoned cart emails and more.

Bonus #3
Free $150 YouTube & Google Ads Credit
When I saw there is no excuse to get started I mean it. The first 50 new students who sign up from this page will get access to a FREE $150 Google Ads credit which you can use to run your first profitable YouTube ads and Google shopping ads.